Animal Control

Animal Control & Licensing 

The City of Melville places a high importance on the protection and safety of both animals and residents.  In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of life and prosperity for our City, Council adopted the Animal Control Bylaw No. 21/2016

For more information on the licensing and control of cats and dogs in the City of Melville, please view our Animal Control Bylaw

All dog and cat owners in the City of Melville are required to license their animal(s).  A license is valid until December 31st of the year in which it is issued and must be renewed every year.

  • Dogs and Cats under the age of 6 months, trained guide dogs owner or used by a blind person do not require a license.
  • Tags are issued upon payment of a license fee, the tag is to be fastened to the animal(s) collar at all times.  If a dog or cat wanders off or gets lost, the tag will help us in reuniting the pet with their owner.

Dog/Cat License Fees

Spayed or neutered                            $10.00

Unaltered                                             $20.00

Replacement tag                                 $5.00

When a dog or cat is found running at large and has no current license tag, the license fee is to be doubled

An Animal License (tag) can be purchased at the General Office of City Hall at 420/430 Main St



Should a dog or cat be found running at large within the City limits, the animal will be impounded in the City compound. If the animal has a tag, the owner will be notified that the animal has been impounded and is waiting to be picked up. If the animal does not have a tag the following penalties will apply:

1st Offence:  $50.00 Fine
2nd Offence: $100.00 Fine
3rd Offence:  $200.00 Fine

In addition to the above, if your dog or cat is impounded for more than 24 hours there is a $50.00 charge whether your animal has a tag or not.

However, all animals who do not have a specific owner are kept for a maximum of 72 hours. After 72 hours the animal is taken to the SPCA.

Running at Large

We love to see residents out strolling with their fur babies and enjoying our beautiful community.

Residents are reminded that their fur babies must be on leashes at all times and not allowed to run at large.

Bylaw No. 21/2016 Part 3

6.All dogs and cats, when off the premises of its owner, must not be running at large.

If you would like to let your fur baby run around and play with some friends, please feel free to check out the Melville Dog Park.

The Melville Dog Park is located east of the Tennis Courts within the Melville Regional Park. It is a fenced off-leash dog park, and dog bags are available.


Inquiries and Complaints

All Animal Inquiries and Complaints can be directed to our Bylaw Officer.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 306.728.6840