Economic Development

The City of Melville’s Economic Development program is focused on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for our community. 

“What “economic development” means to you will depend on the community you live in. Each community has its own opportunities, challenges, and priorities.”  British Columbia Economic Development.  

Our program targets activities and programs that will build local wealth, diversify the economy, create, retain jobs, and build the local tax base.  Here in the City of Melville, our economic development program is centered around 5 Community Sustainability Pillars: Economy, Built Environment, Natural Environment, Social / Culture, and Governance.

To learn more about investing in Melville, contact the City of Melville at 306-728-6840.

Community Sustainability Pillars

  • An economy is required to build and maintain a community
  • Economic growth is required to sustain a community
  • Urban and rural economic benefit from agriculture related, value added industry

  • Physical infrastructure is required to build and maintain a community
  • Streets, water, sewer, drainage, fire, policing, parks and recreation, schools, hospitals, etc
  • We have an Asset Management Plan in place and are investing in infrastructure to maintain our community and support industry

  • The natural environment is a gift from the past, a gift we must respect in the present and a gift that we must pass on to future generations – consider generational impact
  • Respect current environmental regulations and look for innovation beyond the current regulatory environment
  • The investment attraction we pursue must respect the environment

  • Stable, safe, affordable, resilient, adaptable, respectful, strong work ethic
  • Wide range of lifestyle amenities – recreation, education, health care
  • Able to supply and attract labour market
  • Melville is a great place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire!

  • Stable local government political environment
  • Provincial and Federal support
  • Strong leadership and management team
  • Interest based collaborative approach seeking outcomes that are mutually beneficial
  • Process oriented