Financial Information

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for providing financial recording, reporting and control; administration of the City's Operating and Capital Budget process; accounts payable; employee payroll and benefits; taxation and assessment, utility billing and accounts receivable.
See the following for additional information on Property Tax and Assessment, Budget, Annual Financial Statements and Financial Reports:


As per the City of Melville’s A 20 – Budget Policy, the budget is to be approved by the end of December for the upcoming budget year.

The City of Melville's Annual budget is prepared and presented in three sections:

General Summary

The General Summary includes the following sections:

    • Budget summary
    • Capital & Interfund Transaction Listing
    • Schedule of Capital Purchases
    • Schedule of Reserve Allocation
    • Schedule of Debt
    • Budget Summary by Function - Net

General Operating Budget

The General Operating Budget includes the following functional heads:

    • Taxation and Unconditional Revenue
    • General Government Services
    • Protective Services
    • Transportation
    • Environmental and Public Health Services
    • Planning and Development
    • Recreation and Cultural Services

Utility Operating Budget

This section includes the Operating Budget for the Water Utility, Sewer Utility & Refuse Utility.

Sid Ghoshal, Director of Finance
P.O. Box 1240
Melville, SK  S0A 2P0
Phone: (306) 728-6840
Fax: (306) 728-5911

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