Water Advisory Notices

This information is for the general public during a Boil Water Notice. If you have questions about water quality, please contact Public Works 306-728-6865.
A Boil Water Notice advises the public that they should boil their tap water for drinking and other domestic purposes. Once water services resume we are required to submit samples to the provincial lab, and can only remove a boil water advisory when samples pass regulatory requirements.
Current Water Advisory & Safe Water Advisory Notice(s):

When is a Boil Water Notice Issued?

Water can become unsafe in a variety of ways, boil water notices are normally issued because the equipment and processes used to treat, store or distribute drinking water break down, require maintenance, or have been affected by environmental conditions. Most common reasons are broken water mains, planned system maintenance, power failures or equipment problems and mother nature.

What is the Process of Boil Water Advisory Notices?

Once a boil water advisory has been issued, our staff at the water treatment plant take a sample of the water and send it away to the Provincial Lab for bacteria testing to ensure the water is safe. The bacteria testing takes a minimum 24 hours. Once we receive the results and the test come back negative we are then able to remove the Boil Water Advisory and notify the public.