Fire Pit Permits



A fire pit permit will only be issued to registered property owners or renters with a written letter of approval from the property owner. The cost of a permit is $20.00 per year, more than one year's permit may be purchased at one time. The following are guidelines for the installation of a recreational fire pit:
  • The fire appliance must be a minimum of 3 meters from all combustibles (ie: buildings, decks, fences, trees, etc.)
  • The pit must be constructed of stone, masonry or metal which includes manufactured fire pits and chimneys placed at ground level or above ground in a manner that will prevent fuel from falling out of the container. All openings must be clad with medal, mesh type screen with openings no greater than 12mm x 25mm.
  • All vegetation must be cleared around an appliance for a .5 meter (18") radius of the perimeter.
  • Only cured wood products may be burnt in the appliance. (Gas or propane may be optional with the approval of the fire inspector).
  • The appliance can be no larger than 1 meter in diameter.
  • No manufactured portable wood burning appliance shall be placed on a combustible surface or structure.
  • A minimum of one 2A10BC dry chemical fire extinguisher must be located within easy access on the property in lieu, a garden hose may be used if it is connected to a faucet and ready for immediate use.
  • All fire pits must be supervised by an adult registered owner or renter while operating.
  • In the event that a permit is granted and a complaint is received from a neighbor citing health reasons, the permit may be revoked until such circumstances change or the cause of the complaint rectified.
  • It is recommended that the bottom of the fire pit contain approximately 25 cm of gravel or stone.
Note: Permits are only valid if the fire pit remains in the approved location. If it is moved to another location, that location will require the approval of the Fire Inspector.
For information regarding building, demolition or fire pit permits, please contact:
Tyrone Mogenson, Protective Services & Facilities Manager
City of Melville
P.O. Box 1240
Melville, SK  S0A 2P0
Phone: (306) 728-0217 or (306) 728-6840
Fax: (306) 728-5911