June is Recreation & Parks Month

June is Recreation & Parks Month (JRPM) highlights all of the benefits that Recreation and Parks brings to our communities and Province as a whole. By declaring June is Recreation & Parks month, it draws attention to all of the personal, ecological, economic and social benefits that recreation provides us! 

June is Recreation and Parks Month serves as an annual celebration of the activities that an individual can attend or do in their leisure time to bring them joy.

This year, the celebration will be two-fold. Throughout the month, residents are encouraged to take part in the activities listed on the JRPM Activity Calendar alone, with friends, or with their family. We would love to see pictures and hear stories of how these adventures went for you!

Then, on Saturday, June 18th, we will be hosting a celebration in Kinsmen Park from 12PM-5PM. This celebration will truly have something for everyone from a Community Talent Show to Zorb Balls to RC Car Races. We are now taking registrations for the following JRPM Celebration activities:

Community Talent Show

Remote Controlled Toy Races

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Power Wheels Derby

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Power Wheels Derby Rules

  1. Derby is limited to 6V and 12V Power Wheels ONLY. No connecting multiple batteries together. This makes the Power Wheels move too fast and is unsafe. The battery must be secured and sealed away from the child. 
  2. Judges can rule that the child will not participate if there are modifications to the car beyond what is stated below. 
  3. Kids ages 3-12 years of age may participate, as long as they fit their body in the vehicle. ALL kids must be accompanied by an adult. 
  4. All drivers must supply their own car and set it up according to the rules. 
  5. When choosing a Power Wheels for your child, please keep in mind that these vehicles may be running into each other. 
  6. Helmets are mandatory and must be CSA approved.
  7. Shoes or sneakers are required. NO sandals. 
  8. Driver only. No passengers. 
  9. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges, Use zip ties or duct tape or other flexible products to secure them. 
  10. Stock tires only. 
  11. No added reinforcement for strength. 
  12. Vehicles may NOT be raised or lowered. They must be at the stock height that they came form the store. 
  13. Decorative changes can be made to the Power Wheels to make it look like a derby car. Examples include: header pipes sticking up, painting the car, adding decals, etc. 
  14. All entries must be Kinsmen Park by 2PM for sign-in and inspection. 
  15. All participants must have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian to be completed on-site the day of the derby. 

How will YOU celebrate June is Recreation and Parks Month?