The Ties That Bind - Melville '83
Before Melville was incorporated as a town, the residents did not have a village cemetery. The Lutheran cemetery, an acreage north of town, was used until 1908. However, down through the years, loved ones have still been laid to rest in this cemetery.

In 1908 a district near Card's farm was decided upon for the official town cemetery. But once again the site was thought unsuitable and most of the stones and graves were moved to another location across the tracks, south-east of Melville. This Municipal Cemetery was first used in 1918 when a Chinese gentleman, who died of influenza, was buried there.

Across the road from the Municipal Cemetery is the Catholic Cemetery.

In 1956 a Mausoleum, containing 80 crypts, was built at the northeast corner of the Municipal Cemetery. It is constructed of marble and Bedford stone.