Mayor's Corner

Working grow Melville

September 2023

As noted in my Mayor’s Corner of 2017 I referred to a beautiful poem by Rachel Field which speaks to the passing of seasons. Quoting another verse, “Something told the wild geese it was time to fly, Summer sun was on their wings, Winter in their cry.” 

And so once the school bell rings, we see a wide range of activities and events occur. We welcome back students, teachers, and principals of our five Melville schools and hope that all will experience a great year in their educational journey.  On August 28th city -wide registration occurred and a host of start-up activities were scheduled for the upcoming year. All these opportunities offered require leaders and volunteers – Our city is very grateful to all those who so graciously support the many activities offered in our city and our community. Thank you, Leaders, Volunteers, and Sponsors.

It is good to see our Millionaires off to a great pre-season start! A warm welcome to players and coaches Johnson and Wudrick to our community. 

National Rail Safety Week occurs the week of September 17-24 and we encourage everyone to respect the inherent dangers in the railroad system and railroad crossings.

Free tipping allows Melville residents to deposit their garden and yard waste at our landfill during the week of October 17-21. 

The City of Melville bids a sad farewell to Dr. Eshawesh and his family as they leave our community to live in Calgary. Dr. Eshawesh has served Melville and District as a medical practitioner for over 20 years. During his time here he has earned the trust, respect, and support of his many patients, peers, and support staff. He was very knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate. He worked very hard in advancing medical care at St. Peter’s and in our region. We wish him and his family well in their new community.

Did you know that in 1905 the waiting room at the Melville station was the first hospital of any kind in our community, with the first real hospital built in 1911? 

August 2023

While we are enjoying the brilliance and heat of summer the shorter days and creeping darkness foretell the coming of yet another season. The ice at Horizon Credit Union Centre is in to enhance the skill development of the different skater organizations. On the other hand, our swimming pool shuts down on Wednesday, August 23rd

Firefighter School Number 18 is up and running after a four-year Covid 19 and reorganizational pause. We extend a warm welcome to these individuals as they train to participate in a much appreciated, demanding career. All of their instruction occurs at the new training facility next to our airport.

At our August 14 Council meeting local representatives from the Trans Canada Trail, Walter Oucharek and Randy Albers, attended our meeting as a delegation. The Trans Canada Trail committee was formed in 2000 and is part of the cross-country trail connecting many communities. Our portion of the trail links on from Melville Agri Park, goes through the city and rejoins the national trail at the western edge of our city. We commend the many past and present members who were the initiators and guardians of the trail over the many years. The organization has now disbanded, and the city will continue its role with the required maintenance. Thank you, community builders!

We were very honored to have Premier Moe and MLA Warren Kaeding visit our city on July 25th, meeting with city council, touring CN facilities and then moving on to Grayson and Esterhazy. The following day the Premier and his Cabinet met at Horizon Credit Union Centre for a full-day meeting.

Hats off to the Agri Park Committee for hosting an exciting variety of events on August 12 which included horse versus biker competitions as well as tractor pulls and an evening cabaret.

Did you know that the Trans Canada Trail is a multi-use trail that is 24,000 kilometers long and stretches across Canada connecting the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans?  

July 2023

Melville City Council and the citizens are pleased to welcome our new City Manager to our community.  Ms. Joleen Tuchscherer began her new role on July 17, 2023. We look forward to a long and positive working relationship with Ms. Tuchscherer. On July 18th Mr. Sid Goshal, our new Finance Director, joined our organization. We look forward to benefiting from the skills and talents that these two administrative individuals bring to our community.

This year, as in the past few years, we took our parade to the residents, winding through the different streets and avenues to be greeted by waving, smiling, happy crowds. On July 1st we had our Centennial Park “Picnic in the Park” with a very large crowd in attendance enjoying the various activities and the food vendors. The downtown sector also attracted many visitors as various shopping opportunities and events were provided for.

Also occurring every Wednesday through the summer months is the Farmer’s Market located on the corner of 3rd and Main Street. 

The Regional Park served as the site for a 19-team ball tournament hosted by Melville Minor Sport. Our visiting teams and fans greatly appreciated the efforts of the organizing committee and the beauty of the finely groomed park surroundings. An unusual sight was the presence of the 16 bicyclists who cycled through Melville as part of the Pacific to Atlantic cross Canada tour. 

Hats off to Fire Chief Mogenson who arranged for and monitored the impressive fireworks display. Always a most impressive event!

Did you know that Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier trotted out onto the Melville ball field wearing his top hat – all this to the cheer’s of onlookers in 1910?

June 2023

The month of June is not customarily considered to be year end, but with respect to the education of students it is certainly that. Students are in their last week of school and we wish them an enjoyable summer break. To the 2023 graduating class we extend our best wishes as they enter another exciting stage in life. 

On May 31 the Melville Heritage Museum celebrated its 40th Ruby anniversary tea with a good crowd in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Les Miller were honored for their continuous and generous support of the museum which houses over 13,000 historical artifacts.

June was certainly jam packed with community activities. The Melville Fair occurred on June 3-4th with a variety of entertaining activities – chariot-chuckwagon races and a motorcycle rally to mention a few. Ms. Debbie’s farewell dance association concerts also happened that weekend with resounding community response. Our city was very pleased to host the provincial City Mayors’ Caucus meetings at Horizon Credit Union Centre on June 7-8th.  A total of fourteen of sixteen cities were in attendance to discuss issues of provincial importance. The Thrift Store arranged for a Fashion Show on June 10th with various models displaying their lovely clothing. At this event founding member of the Thrift Shop, Laverne Chapiel, was recognized for her years of dedication and commitment to the organization.  Melville Pride flag raising day took place on June 14, 2023, with National Indigenous Peoples’ Day flag raising celebrations occurring on June 21, 2023. We were grateful to have had Elder Ross Cadotte present as well as many other guests in attendance. 

The Melville Millionaires introduced their new head coach and general manager, Doug Johnson, to our community on June 13th. We wish the Millionaires well in the upcoming season. 

Hats off to Vahagn Gabrielyan of Independent Grocers who was a very active and responsive manager in support of community initiatives. We wish him and his family well as they leave our city to assume new opportunities.

Reminder – City Parade June 30th at 6:30pm followed by outdoor movie. July 1st – Canada Day celebrations at Centennial Park and fire works.

Did you know that The Melville Heritage Museum has secured and has on display the jacket worn by Charles Melville Hays as he mapped out the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, now CN, as it moved through Melville in 1907? Melville was named after Charles Melville Hays.

May 2023

Finally, the season of warmth, green grass and carefree evening strolls is here. The Melville Comprehensive School track in readiness for athletic competition, ball scheduling and practices, gardens roto-tilled are all welcome signs and events of spring.

Canadian Mental Health Week occurred during the last week of April with a special community event staged by the Melville chapter of Mental Health. As a community we are so fortunate to have this association pursing events and activities to overcome mental illness.

Staff Sergeant Adams hosted an RCMP District Meeting for municipal leaders outlining policing initiatives for the upcoming year. The Melville policing area is extremely large involving distant travel requirements. We are grateful for the public safety efforts of our police service.

The City of Melville Spring Clean-Up occurred on the week of May 15-20th with free landfill tipping for all garden waste. We encourage our citizens to help beautify our community by cleaning up our boulevards, ditches, and alleyways all in keeping with the “Earth Day” messaging of caring for our planet.

The Melville and District Chamber of Commerce held its Annual Meeting on May 2nd with Corrine Sapara continuing in her role as president. The Chamber has a very exciting and ambitious plan for the upcoming summer season. 

Our community looks forward to the Melville Summer Fair being held at the Agripark June 2-3-4th. A full range of events for all ages have been planned for. 

We look forward to celebrating Parks and Recreation Week during the month of June. Let’s enjoy our great outdoors!

Congratulations to the Melville Heritage Museum who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary with an Open House Ruby Tea on May 31st. 

Melville will host the City Mayors’ Caucus including sixteen mayors from across the province on June 7th and 8th. 

Hats off to the students of MCS on their most notable opportunity to participate at the National skills competitions in Winnipeg to be held on May 24-27. 

Did you know that Melville had the status of a village in 1909 but became a town in 1910 because of a large population increase?

April 2023

It was to be “April showers bring May flowers” but not so this year, another three-day snowstorm which made our roads - travel nearly impassable. Thanks to the efforts of our team at Public Works sidewalks and roadways were restored to their former conditions after many long hours.

April started off with a bang – The Melville Millionaires arranged for a very successful spring camp. Players from many different areas took the opportunity to attend Millionaire camp with the hope that, come fall, they might be part of our team roster. A well-attended community Trade Show occurred on April 2 at the Convention Centre. Member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall attended a city council meeting on April 3rd providing the council with an update on happenings in our constituency. Green Shirt Donor Day occurred on April 6th.

Four members of council along with Acting City Manager Chris Bruce attended the SUMA Conference in Saskatoon April 16-19th. Approximately one thousand people were in attendance to discuss common interests as well as to provide direction for an executive follow-up on resolutions presented.

International “Earth Day” was celebrated on April 22nd. Unfortunately, the snowstorm limited any possible resident participation. Hopeful city clean-up can occur when better weather conditions return. Landfill tipping fees for garden waste have been waived for Melville residents during the week of May 15-20th. National Public Works Week occurs from May 21-27th. We are so grateful for the determined efforts of our skilled Public Works team in the maintenance of our city infrastructure. 

To create awareness of Mental Health Week in Canada which occurs May 1-7th the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association is hosting a dessert theatre at Community Works on April 29th at 7:30 pm.    

Hats off to The Melville and District Chamber of Commerce for a most successful Spritzer Event on April 22. A huge crowd was in attendance to partake in the festivities. Well done Suzanne Beck and team! Also Hats off to teacher Ms. Senyk and the Davison grade five class on visiting City Hall for a local governance learning opportunity!

Did you know that a complete history of Melville was compiled by a local committee and published in 1983 – The Ties that Bind? A copy exists in our Public Library.

March 2023

The astronomical Spring Solstice has arrived but, despite this notation, winter still lingers on, hardly a surprise to the people of Saskatchewan. Yet there are the welcoming signs – longer sunlight days, pooling of water streamlets, and the need to scan the skies for the return of migratory birds. There is significance to the month of March – The City of Melville approved its 2023 budget on March 13, while the Province of Saskatchewan presented its budget on March 22, 2023. Both budgets serve as a plan of action for current and future years. 

The City of Melville has focused on three major infrastructure projects. - the Landfill, the Lagoon Expansion and a new Lift Station. Rarely do three major projects occur in one year but, in our case and after literally planning for these project enhancements for five of more years, the time had come for actual construction.

Season end for the Millionaires occurred on March 13 with their final game against Notre Dame . Presently, much of the activities at Horizon Credit Union Centre are in the play-off mode soon to bring ice- based events to a close. 

The second Annual Firefighters Award banquet was held on February 25th  with Member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall and Member of the Legislative Assembly Warren Kaeding in attendance. These awards and promotions recognized firefighters for their commitment to protective services for Melville and Area. We are very fortunate to have such a highly trained and fully committed fire brigade serving us.

Hats off to GX Radio news commentator Ryan Young who has reported on the City of Melville’s council meetings for the last seven and a half years. Ryan moves on to CKRM in Regina. We wish him well. Thank you, Ryan! 

Did you know that in 1914 Melville had its own electric light and power station?  

February 2023

A host of activities have occurred in our community during the past month. 

Skate Melville hosted a Regional Invitational skate competition on February 11th. It was great to see the youthful skaters from the various communities participate at this event. Hats off to our local executive, instructors and the many volunteers who so tirelessly supported this event. Also on February 11th, the Melville Arts Council hosted J.J.Voss and his band sharing with our community the talents of this Saskatchewan based group. As well, the Melville Showstoppers hosted a successful Erv Hahn snowmobile derby on the same date. This event held at the Agripark ended with a steak supper and dance.

In celebration of the Saskatchewan Winter Games being held in Regina from February 19-25th a flag-raising took place on February 17th.  Nine participants from Melville will be competing at these games – we wish them the very best in these competitions

With Telemiracle 47 fast approaching there are various fund raisers being held in the community in support of this event.

Lately, because of a doctor shortage, our hospital has been subjected to limited or suspended emergency services. I am pleased to announce that a fifth physician, Dr. Mitra Nabizadeh, will be joining our medical team in the near future.

After a long hiatus, the result of Covid-19, we are attempting to restore the Cardiac-Pulmonary Care program at the HCUC. Discussions are presently occurring among the different factions that are supportive participants of the program – the Medical Practitioners. SHA, the City of Melville, and potential clients of this rehabilitative service.

The Melville and District Community Foundation Inc. that has been in existence since 2008 has made over 24 monetary donations to different groups and communities over that time frame – We ask for your financial support through donations, memorials, estate gifting or allocating proceeds from celebratory events. A Facebook site has been created to accept donations.

Did you know that Melville hosted the 1990 Saskatchewan Winter Games?  

January 2023

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! The month of January has been gentle to this point. However, with the beginning of a new year comes a rash of new financial obligations, new regulations in some cases, and hopefully new opportunities. 

Since my last message good things have occurred. The new lift station on the corner of Halifax and Main is now fully operational except for the planting of shrubbery and grass. The mortgage on Horizon Credit Union Centre, officially opened in 2011, has been fully paid off. This unique facility will serve as a “Gathering Point” for many years to come. As a city we are very grateful to the many citizens, as well as the community and regional volunteers, that have contributed through both commitment and financial support to have HCUC become a reality. 

On January 11, 2023, the City of Melville and the Melville-Saltcoats Constituency hosted the Queen Elizabeth ll Jubilee Platinum Medal Awards.   Fifty-one recipients received this award for their untiring commitment to their respective communities. Master of Ceremonies Major Jason Quilliam, Provincial Chief Protocol Officer, and Provincial Secretary Tim McLeod, representing the Province of Saskatchewan presented the awards. The Melville Comprehensive School Band and Mr. James Betts added to the afternoon’s festivities. 

Kudos to our City Public Works crew for their diligent efforts at snow clearing and removal.

Did you know that royalty has visited Melville on two different occasions? King George Vl in 1939 and Queen Elizabeth ll in July of 1978.